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Benefits of internship - See what you can gain

Internship versus Study job

Before we check out the benefits of being an intern it's important to state the difference between internship and a study job:

Internships and study jobs each have their own perks and purposes, but they also come with distinct differences:

  1. Purpose:

    • Internship: Typically serves as a temporary position aimed at providing practical experience and exposure to a specific field or industry. Internships are often structured to complement academic studies and offer hands on learning opportunities
    • Study job: Primarily undertaken to support yourself financially during studies. Study jobs may not always directly relate to your field of study and may involve tasks like administrative work, customer service, or other part time roles
  2. Duration:

    • Internship: Generally temporary and can vary in duration from a few weeks to several months or even a year. Internships are often structured around academic semesters or summer breaks
    • Study job: Can be ongoing throughout the academic year or taken on a part time basis during specific periods, such as weekends or evenings
  3. Learning experience:

    • Internship: Focused on providing practical, hands on experience related to a particular field or career path. Interns often work closely with professionals in their field, gaining insights into industry practices and developing relevant skills
    • Study job: While study jobs may offer some transferable skills and workplace experience, their primary purpose is typically to earn income rather than to gain professional experience directly related to your academic field
  4. Compensation:

    • Internship: Compensation for internships can vary and may include stipends, hourly wages, or unpaid positions. Some internships may offer academic credit in lieu of monetary compensation
    • Study job: Study jobs are typically paid positions, with compensation provided on an hourly or salaried basis
  5. Connection to field of study:

    • Internship: Often directly related to your field of study or career interests, allowing interns to apply academic knowledge in a real world setting and explore potential career paths
    • Study job: May or may not be related to your field of study. Study jobs are primarily focused on providing financial support during studies rather than career exploration or skill development within a specific field

Now we are ready to see the benefits of internships.

Benefits of internship

Whether you're a local student or here on an exchange programme, diving into the internship scene in Denmark can be a game changer. Let's dive into why it's so important:

  1. Boosts your CV: Interning in Denmark not only shows you're up for a challenge but also highlights your international work experience, a big plus for employers scouting adaptable candidates with diverse backgrounds

  2. Foot in the door: Think of it as a sneak peek before the big show. Interning can land you squarely in the radar of companies, making future job applications smoother. Plus, you'll already be in the know about the workplace vibe and expectations

  3. Hands on learning: Move over, textbooks! Internships offer a hands-on education that can complement your studies, giving you a fresh perspective and an edge in both education and work

  4. Get in the Danish groove: For newcomers, navigating Danish work culture can be a puzzle. Internships serve as a crash course, helping you blend into the local job scene while making connections and building a social life outside of class

  5. The networking goldmine: Rubbing elbows with professionals during your internship can open doors down the line. Cultivate those relationships early and you'll have a solid network to tap into for future opportunities

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