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Job titles and job categories at

What is

At you can find a wide range of job titles and industries both as a jobseeker and employer.

The following are just examples, you can easily find other job titles on the job portal.

The industries range widely. Again, these are just examples, Sales, Service, Office, Finance, Personnel, Education, Social and Health, Medical, Industry and Technology.

Job titles might be far more than you think:

1.Day release

Students spend one day each week or a period of time at a college in order to study a subject like accunting - carpenter - plumber etc. connected with their work

2. Internship

Internships in connection with education can be at all levels, colleges and universities.

3. Student job

The study job can be alongside, or as part of a course.

4. Student assistant

Jobs as a student assistant generally relate to university students who are looking for study relevant work.

5. Trainee

Internships and trainee jobs can be unpaid and are used, among other things, in industries where competition for study relevant work is in short supply, for example communication and law.

6. Substitute

Large temp agencies prefer for their recruitment of temps.

7. Coordinator

There are coordinators to from events to secretary type positions.

8. Volunteering

Volunteering is unpaid, which in addition to a social aspect can give strengthen a CV.

9. Graduate

Graduate programmes aimed at university students. As a general rule cand. merc. students or similar are the ones applying for graduate programmes. Check out a graduate programma at Novo Nordisk.

10. Full time job

In the category full time jobs you will find all job types and industries. This can include production, sales & marketing, purchasing and logistics, finance, business management and service industries.

11. Jobs abroard

Many jobs abroad are within the hotel and service industry, but also telemarketing and sales are attractive, as the job seeker can earn money via working whilst experiencing the country or the city.

12. Freelancers

Find a freelancer - or apply for a job as a freelancer through

Placing a job advertisement

Creating a job is easy at

  1. Create a company account
  2. Use the template for your job advertisement
  3. Pay for the job post and the job is online instantly

It's 100% up to you whether you will receive the applications via

  • An email address in your company
  • A link to your recruitment system

Do you have more than 10 job postings per year please get in touch at: Contact is used by more than 2,000 companies and institutions.