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Student jobs in Denmark

Student job

A job alongside your studies is a really good idea if you want to supplement your SU, and strengthen your CV.

This job does not necessarily have to be study relevant, as some employers place the most emphasis on your personality and you have shown that in addition to your study, you can have a job in a professional workplace.

It is of course beneficial to be good at group work and have good grades in your studies, but employers also look for social competencies and how you present yourself. You show this to a great extent through a study job.  If you gain other experience or learn a new skill, that will only add to what you can offer any future employer.

These competencies can be skills and theories that you have learned through your studies, but it can also, if it is an unskilled job, show that you have a holistic view and are good at maintaining an overview of difficult situations. 


If you study in one of the largest study cities in Denmark, you can find your city below. Otherwise, you can start your search for student jobs here.

Student jobs in Aarhus

If you want to find a study job in Aarhus, you can of course choose to apply in Aarhus C, but since Aarhus is Denmark's second largest city, you have far more opportunities.

In the suburbs, among others: Viby J, Risskov, Hasle, Skejby, Brabrand, Højbjerg and Tilst, you will be able to find good study jobs. It may be that you just need a trip by bus or a ride on your bike, but it is also healthy, in terms of getting a break outside.

Weekend study jobs do not have to only be in restaurants or bars located in Aarhus C. It may just as well be in production companies located in the aforementioned suburbs. You can start here.

Student jobs in Copenhagen

There are many retail shops, bars and restaurants in and around "Strøget", so there are good opportunities to find a student job. There are also a large number of companies in this area, although often on the 1st floor or higher, as it is not a retail business.

If you are over 18 years old and looking for a study job in Copenhagen on a part-time basis, it can also be a good idea to focus on the areas: Amager, Sydhavnen, Valby, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro and Østerbro, which are all close to campus and probably also the university that you either go to or would like to study at.

But since the S-train network is so well developed in Copenhagen, it is also a good idea to search a little further out in the suburbs such as: Friheden, Hvidovre, Brøndbyøster, Rødovre, Vanløse, Brønshøj, København NV and Hellerup. In fact, it's no problem to search a little further out in the periphery. Are you ready?

Student jobs in Odense

If you are looking for a part-time study job in Odense, then it is obvious to apply near where you live. It can be in a retail store, at a bar or in a restaurant. Everywhere there is unskilled labour is needed.

Please bear in mind that there is competition for these jobs, as the entry requirements are not so high. For example, you are looking for a studio job in one of the many restaurants in the Arcade Food Market. If we talk about street food in Odense, then of course there is also Storms Pakhus.

Within ring road O2, there are many opportunities to apply for study jobs in Odense, but also outside the ring road there are study jobs and internships. For example, in "Odense Zoo" and "Den fynske Landsby", internships are offered. The sooner you start your search the better.

Student jobs in Aalborg

Are you well on your way, or have you just started looking for available study jobs in Aalborg, if it’s the latter then you have landed in the right place. Here on the job portal, you can search for all types of study jobs, regardless of whether it is a part time job, weekend job or a very specific study job within Communication, IT or something completely different.

There are vacancies to apply for in Aalborg - right from Skalborg and all the way to the center of Aalborg. The crucial thing is how wide you cast your search net. This applies both in relation to location, but also industry and possibly a specific chain or brand.

The rule also applies to study jobs and supply versus demand. For example, there are many communication students, but only a few media agencies, so it can be a challenge to find a study job that is relevant to your studies if you study communication.

So instead try and see if there is a study relevant job in the suburbs of Aalborg.

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