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Employer Branding Campaign - How to attract new employees

   Employer Branding Campaign

How to make a good Employer Branding campaign to attract new employees?

Let's look at this:

Employer Branding is important to get the best applicants as we create higher growth, better service and image for your company, institution or organization.



   What is good employer Branding

If Employer Branding is to succeed, then credibility is essential.

The employees act as good ambassadors through positive stories. The good story is worth nothing if the story does not hit the right target audience at the right time and place, and in multiple rounds.

That's why you need


   Employer Branding - A part of the recruitment strategy has the full range of: Young people, students, unskilled, skilled, graduates, academics and anyone in between.

So, how does one work with employer branding as part of the recruitment strategy?

  Do like Novo Nordisk

Please check out the below example

We are happy to guide you so that you find the best Employer Branding strategy and solution for you.

Here you can see examples of which activities can be included in a good Employer Branding strategy and thus also a recruitment campaign:


Strategy 1 2 3 4  
Landing page for job posts          

Number of job post per year

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
Job post statistics          
Company profile          
Branding via social media        
Employer advocacy          
CV search by the applicants following your company          
Branding via newsletters          
Publish events          
Branding via the job searching guide          
Branding via lectures          
Branding via Google Ads          
Employer Branding analysis          


   Employer Branding example

As an employer branding example you can check out: Novo Nordisk


   Job landing page

With a job landing page, you create a good overview for interested applicants. The students do not just see one job posting, and then their attention has fled to another company.

A job landing page promotes the time students spend at your company, as students jump around among all the jobs that pertain to your company, institution or organization.

Via a job landing page, a student spends 60% more time on your job postings compared to a single job postings.

See example of: Job landing page


   Company profile

There are a number of benefits to create a company profile on


  • Strengthen your Employer Branding by providing a good insight into your culture, values and workplace
  • Align expectations with prospective applicants so that you reduce the time you spend in the screening process and reduce the risk of students dropping out after a short period of employment. This saves you time and money on the recruitment process
  • Get prospective graduates to follow your company or institution. Email new job postings directly to candidates who are interested in your workplace
  • Your company profile will also be visible in Google and other search engines

See example of a: Company profile


   Employee advocacy

Working as an ambassador is about story telling and likeability. Have a student, intern, intern, graduate or other young employee comment on the workplace via video. That way, students will feel like they are making a personal contact with your company, institution or organization.

In addition, the video increases students' duration of attention by 35% compared to job postings without video. It is absolutely central that you get your livestock through, and not just drown in the amount of job opportunities that the students have.

See example of: Employee advocacy


   How to use live video for employer branding

We have built the bridge that gives you the best candidates.

But have you been thinking about using live video for your Employer Branding campaign?

It can be a great way to get in touch with gen Y and Z (also called the iGeneration).

For futher elaboration please see this short video about how to use live video when doing employer branding towards the younger generations:



   Get employer branding

Contact to hear more about the many benefits available to you by using for your Employer Branding campaign.

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