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Temporary jobs

What is a temporary job? A temporary position is characterised by having a fixed term employment period.

As a substitute, you can either be

  • Employed as a temp through a temp agency that sends you to a company
  • Be employed as a temp directly in a company

If you are employed as a temporary worker directly in a company, this is typically a maternity for parental temporary cover or a job as a temporary worker.

Types of temporary jobs

As a temp, you can work with a multitude of different job types. It is almost only the imagination that sets the limits. Here are some examples of types of temporary jobs

  • Production worker
  • Night watchman
  • Warehouse employee
  • Teacher substitutes
  • Educator assistant
  • Nurse
  • Summer holiday cover
  • Disability support worker

Interim employment

Interim is derived from Latin and means: Temporary or temporary.

An interim employment is typically at a manager or specialist level. A company therefore buys a temporary resource, which brings the organisation safely through a:

  • Clearly delimited planned task, for example of a strategic nature
  • Acute situation

The specialist can be an experienced leader who supports the business with:

  • Transformation
  • Turn around
  • Organisational development or restructuring

Teacher substitutes

What does it take to be a substitute teacher? As a substitute teacher, you do not need to be trained as a teacher. Untrained teachers simply get a lower hourly wage. 

As a substitute teacher, the substitute job can both consist of teaching and keeping an eye on the students during the breaks. As a substitute teacher, you refer to either the class teacher or the school inspector.

That way you know what you need to teach and what goals need to be achieved through your teaching.

Apply for temporary jobs

When you want to apply for a temporary job, the natural choice is to use

Here you will find vacancies in many different industries. You will also find different job types.

Your search for a temporary job can also be done by creating a free job search via the temporary portal

You simply enter the area where you are applying for a temporary job and you will automatically be notified when there are new temporary jobs to apply for.

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