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Unskilled jobs - how to find a job in the easiest way

Unskilled jobs

Here you can read what it means to be unskilled, what jobs you can apply for and good advice for your job search.

When you are unskilled it simply means that you have no kind of education or professional qualifications other than the general schooling.

Today however, the term is used primarily within the subject areas with master's degrees, ie, the craft, trade, service and industrial subjects.

Even if you have no proof of an education, you can still get a job. It should not be a restriction or a taboo not to have an education.

In June 2021, Statistics Denmark published a study focusing on Danes who have not completed an education other than primary and secondary school. This showed that about 20% of the Danish population have not yet completed an education by the age of 30.

It also showed that for the 35-54 year olds without education, 65% are in employment. However, this figure is lower than the figure for their peers with an education.

Here the figure was 88% who were in employment.

Even though the number is lower for Danes without education, 65% are still in work. This means that it is quite possible to get a job, even if you are not educated.

 unskilled jobs

Jobs without an education

Let's look at some examples of industries where you can get a job as an unskilled worker:

Sales and service 

  • Waiter

  • Bartender

  • Telemarketing employee

  • Customer support

  • Cashier

  • Office assistant

  • Various temporary jobs (eg at a school)

  • Airport porter

  • Sales Assistant

  • Cleaning assistant

Warehouse and production

  • Operator

  • Warehouse worker

  • Production worker

  • Assembly line

 Social and health
  • Support worker

  • Nursing home employee

  • Fitness worker

  • Unskilled health care provider

  • Unskilled replacement for live in care


  • Taxi driver

  • Garbage man - there is no requirement for education, background or experience, but it can be a good idea to have a truck driver's license, ie a large driver's license

  • Bus driver - the course takes 6-8 weeks. Becoming a trained bus driver takes a year

  • Crane driver - requires crane driver certificate

  • Truck driver - requires truck certificate

  • Package distributors (eg PostNord, UPS or DAO)

  • Delivery service (e.g. Wolt or Dominos Pizza)

In addition, it is also important to mention that in many industries you will be able to get a job as an unskilled worker and then work your way up as you gain more experience. For example, at McDonald's. McDonald's has a reputation for being a great place to work and you can have more responsibilities along the way supported by training.

Unskilled salary

The average salary for an unskilled person is around DKK 25,000 (gross).

The difference in the wage level between skilled and unskilled was previously large, but today the difference is smaller.

The publication referred to at the top of the article showed that employees without an education earn on average DKK 22 less per hour than employees with an education, this presupposes that it is an hourly wage. For monthly salary, the figure was 41 kroner less per hour.

But even though there is a difference of 22 kroner per hour, what can mean something in relation to the salary at a specific workplace, is your seniority, that is, experience. This will be elaborated in the article which is mentioned at the buttom of this page.

Job search as an unskilled worker

When you need to apply for a job as an unskilled worker, there are several ways you can do so.

On Findjobhub's portal, you can find a large number of available full time jobs for the unskilled, or you can send an unsolicited application, where you explain what you are good at, experience in the field and why you would be a good candidate for the job.

You can start your job search for unskilled jobs via the links below:

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