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Employer Advocacy

Here are Isabella’s four tips to become noticed online:

  • Create a crisp and clear profile online– it does not necessarily mean you need a long profile but one that highlights your key experiences, responsibilities, results and career progression. Let your online profile show your career journey!
  • Underline your key competences– what you believe you are an expert in are some of the key areas recruiters look for when searching for the right candidate. In addition, some of the keywords you use to describe your skills and competences are some of the key words recruiters use in their search – so use commonly used terminology if you want to come up in recruiter’s search results.
  • Profile picture– attach a professional picture of yourself, one that is suited for business purposes and provides some personality to your profile.
  • Make no mistake– last, but not least, make no spelling mistakes on your profile. This may be a simple tip, but a mistake leaves an impression on the recruiter. It is a good idea to have someone read through your profile before you post it online.

According to Isabella, Head of External Talent Search, attracting business critical talent to Novo Nordisk is her team’s licence to operate and how they add value to the organization. 

Inspired by our US colleagues, Isabella started the External Talent Search team at Novo Nordisk Headquarters in 2012 and has since expanded it year on year  proving the importance of this new proactive trend in recruitment.

The value of proactively attracting and converting passive candidates to active candidates has become clear and can be seen in our business results -Hunt and hire - is the new black. Hunt and hire, the proactive search for business critical talent, has become essential as candidates have become more reactive when it comes to applying for jobs – they want to be found.

In line with social media changing the way we communicate and work, it has greatly influenced the online recruitment process. “We can no longer afford to be laid-back and wait, we must lean in” Isabella explains and ads “it is not a replacement of the traditional post and pray approach, but we need a combination of both”.

Worldwide we have more than 40,000 employees and we are continuously growing. Therefore, our growth is your opportunity to take your career to the next level and contribute to bringing life-changing treatments to our patients.

Remember that it requires some effort to get noticed, and it is important to keep your profile updated. You never know when a recruiter is looking!

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