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Graduate Programme - Want to be a Graduate Student?

Graduate Student

What is graduate and what is a graduate programme, you might be thinking. Let's look at the definition:

A graduate programme is for a graduate student who participates in an adapted career path in a study-relevant company.

As a graduate student, you are a postgraduate student for a bachelor's degree and can apply for graduate positions. In everyday speech, the word is used: Graduate student, usually instead of a 'graduate student' or a 'postgraduate student'.

Graduate programmes for students can be found on this job portal. There can be seasonal fluctuations as many graduate programmes start at the same time, right after the summer holidays.

In companies, emphasis is often placed on a grade level at the very high end, while at the same time you must have strong analytical skills. It's a career path, so it's good that you're ambitious, but do not forget to be a good team player - otherwise your career in the company will probably be shorter than you yourself had expected.

The vast majority of graduate jobs are in private companies, and in particular in the large groups in Denmark.

When you as a graduate student start in graduate scheme, then you are not alone. Typically, you will be part of an entire team of graduates, all of whom - each in particular - will be assigned a mentor who will accompany you throughout the course.

As a graduate, it is important that you have shown your competencies via a student job, which you can see more about in this short video:


Graduate programme 

Some graduate programmes include residencies in foreign departments. It may be that the head office is located in Denmark, and then you can come out in a smaller organization, where you can experience the culture, and maybe have a steeper learning curve. In the same way, you can benefit from participating in a graduate scheme from a large international group that is headquartered abroad but has a branch in Denmark.

If you are interested in participating in a graduate programme, then you must be active. Large companies such as Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg and Nordea have attractive graduate programmes that many students are interested in participating in.

The process of participating in a graduate scheme is not the same in the different companies. Therefore, there is also a difference in how long the application process itself takes.

You can not count on all the good graduate jobs being shown through a trade show at your university. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open. Look online for graduate programmes - preferably before you need to use the job - so you can figure out when next season or next year will open for new applications, so you will definitely be in the application field.

Are you ready to search, start your search now: