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What is a graduate

When you have finished your education at bachelor level, you can continue as a graduate. But before you finish as a graduate, it is a really good idea to apply for a job as a graduate.

That way, you will get a good introduction to the job market and you can be sure that your future employer is extremely professional and has given serious consideration about how to learn as much as possible in a short time.

Companies do it not just to help you. Companies that offer graduate programmes also do so to gain direct access to the best graduates who may go on  be offered really good jobs in the company when the graduate program is about to be completed.

Graduate programmes

A graduate programme can vary in length but usually takes a few years. During the programme you typically get to work in several different departments, so you gain many different competencies and not least a holistic view of how the company works.

Within graduate programmes there are also niches, because you, as a graduate, are already at a specialist level. For example, there are graduate programmes such as

  • Graduate programme HR
  • Graduate programme IT
  • Graduate programme engineer

During your graduate course you can expect support from a mentor, and everything else being equal, the course will be quite intense, both in terms of learning and the number of hours you spend at work. In some companies, as part of the graduate programme, a period of work is offered abroad, for example in a subsidiary.

Graduate jobs

After graduating it’s not uncommon for you to be offered a full time job, unless either you or the company has lost interest in the other party during the graduate process.

Both before you start, but also during your graduate course, the company will look at and weigh your academic results in terms of your grades, but also your personal qualities. It is important that you feel motivated in your graduate job.

In your graduate job, you need to show personal development, that you are ambitious and you can create visible results for the company.

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