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Job advert example - The best way to do it

Job advert example

Are you going to write a job advertisement? Then here you will get both a proposal and a template for this.

When writing a job advertisement, there are several things to think about. How do you write a good job advertisement and how do you ensure that good applications are returned at all? We will try to guide you to that in this article.

Job advertisement template

What should you write in a job advertisement?

Further down you can read a number of good tips on how to make your job advert stand out, but first here is a description of what an advert should contain as a minimum.

What should a job advertisement contain?

A description of the most important, professional and personal qualifications and experience you are looking for in your future employee

  • A description of the workplace and the job's tasks
  • Conditions of employment, typically, salary, holidays and any benefits such as pension, sick pay etc.  Statistically if you include a salary on the advert you will receive a higher number of applications
  • Contact information and a contact person the applicant can turn to for any questions
  • Do you want a cover letter, if so then add a request to the advert, for example, send a cover letter and your CV to…
  • Closing date

What must not be written in a job advertisement?

According to the Act on Discrimination, it is prohibited for companies to discriminate in a job advertisement - both directly and indirectly - on the following grounds:

jobannonce eksempel
  • Race
  • Skin colour
  • Religion or belief
  • Political opinion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability or impairment
  • National, social or ethnic origin
  •  Age

It is already prohibited to discriminate against job seekers on the basis of age according to the Discrimination Act, but in July 2022 another point was added to the Discrimination Act.

Several unemployed seniors have experienced being chosen based on their date of birth at the first screening in a company's recruitment process. It was therefore decided that in future it is prohibited as an employer to request information about an applicant's age when submitting, uploading and entering job applications. This will mean that fields on age and date of birth must be removed from recruitment systems.

In the future, employers will therefore avoid sifting out job applications simply by looking at the applicant's date of birth, before the application has actually been read and the applicant's competences have been decided upon.

Therefore, be careful when searching for, for example, "a young colleague" or similar.

However, it is legal to search for youth workers (young people under the age of 18) if you have a collective agreement in this area.

It is also illegal to discriminate in areas that are not relevant to the specific job. For example, you cannot demand that a cashier speak flawless Danish in order to hold the position, as this falls under the category of 'indirect discrimination' and has no bearing on the specific work to be carried out.

On the other hand, however, you can demand that a future bank adviser must be able to speak and write fluent Danish, as he will have close contact with customers and may need to explain complex financial situations.

You can read much more about discrimination in the labour market in the following publication (in Danish) by the Ministry of Employment. 

How much does a job advertisement cost?

How much a job advertisement costs varies from job site to job site. There are job portals which are expensive - and then there is - click here to see the price.

We already have more than 2,000 companies as customers and we have brokered more than 100,000 jobs.


Good job postings

How to write a good job advert? It is a very good question, because there are, among other things

  • Creative job ads
  • Different job postings
  • Funny job ads
  • Job ads for young people

However, there are some common features for how to write a good job advertisement.

Below we have collected some advice that can hopefully help you and ensure that your particular job advertisement receives good and relevant applications.

1.Language is important

  • The written word, with misspellings, monotonous, boring and clichéd language rarely appeals to anyone and neither does a job posting. Therefore, make sure you take a second look at the language used before you send the job advertisement out into the world and use the tone you would use on a normal day in your company

2.Bulleting and subheading

  • This gives the candidate a quick and easy overview of what you as a company are looking for in the form of your job posting

3. Requirements for the candidate, versus what the company can offer the candidate

  • Although qualifications and/or level of experience are important to mention in the job advertisement, it is also important that you as a company detail what you can offer and what the culture is like in the company

4. How long should a job posting be?

  • Not too long so that the reader drowns in detail and loses interest.  Think about what you want to convey and create a vibrant text which draws the reader in and engages their interest.  You can also monitor responses to adverts to help you see which generate the most applications and potential success for hires

5.Be honest and down to earth

  • There is no reason to promise more than the position can carry. Give a realistic look into the everyday life the candidate can have if they choose to apply for the job

In addition, it is important that you invest time in writing a good job advertisement. This can be, for example, by including current employees, who can talk about what it is like to be an employee in the company and the small, positive glimpses from everyday life.

In this way, the reader remembers your job advertisement better, you stand out from the crowd.

If you feel ready to make a job advertisement, simply click on the button below: