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Sabbatical job - Avoid your sabbatical being a disaster

Sabbatical year

If you are thinking about what to do during your sabbatical, you will get some really good inspiration here.

Some of the most popular choices when figuring out what to do are:

  • Jobs - including jobs abroad
  • High School
  • Travel - including voluntary work
  • Language school abroad - including au pair

Regardless of which option you choose, you can use your sabbatical to find out which career suits you.

The first life hack is to get a sabbatical year job. There are a number of advantages to this:


Sabbatical job

If you choose to look for a job during your sabbatical year, you will gain a number of advantages:

  • Earn money for your future education
  • Get a good rhythm in your everyday life, which can otherwise be a challenge for many who take a sabbatical year
  • Prevents a future employer from thinking that you have taken a sabbatical year and done nothing with the time off

Whether you choose to work in Denmark or abroad is not decisive. If you are focused on working in an international environment, then it can easily take place in a restaurant, in a bar or in a warehouse in Denmark. Of course this can also take place via a job abroad.

Here you can search for:

  • Temp job
  • Warehouse work
  • Jobs as a cafe worker, waiter, runner or kitchen worker
  • Work as a shop assistant and sales assistant
  • Work in nursing homes
  • Job as a teaching assistant
  • A piccoline job
  • Etc.

If you would like to work abroad, simply click on: Jobs abroad

The next option for a life hack is to go to college.

College and residential courses

If you choose to go to university, you can improve your chances of getting into your dream university. There are a large number of colleges that specialise in offering courses in, for example:

  • Journalism
  • Drama
  • Film and TV production
  • Psychology
  • Design
  • Food school
  • Sports & fitness

It may also be that a course or stay at a college means that you find out what you should not study. Perhaps you find it difficult to choose between two career paths and therefore try to take a course in the one that you have the most doubts about in relation to your future.

Going to college is not completely free of cost, but you can choose to take a sabbatical year job before going to college.

The next life hack probably also requires you to have earned some money before living out your travel dreams.

Sabbatical trip

A gap year trip can be a 100% travel experience, but it can also be one that involves:

  • Voluntary work abroad
  • Paid job abroad

Voluntary work abroad is often with either animals or children.

If it is with children, it may be that you encourage the children for practical learning, or adapt to different environments, including trusting other people. Children in orphanages have experienced failure and therefore you can help restore trust in the adults.

Working with animals is typically in connection with rough and injured animals. The job is not just about sitting and enjoying the animals. It is also physical work or gardening - and perhaps helping with fundraising.

Your English skills can be expected to improve when you choose to travel during your sabbatical, but this is not a language school.

Language school abroad

In this life hack, it may also cost money. But if you choose to combine working and living abroad with a language school, it doesn't require that much money.

An example could be that you are an au pair with a family where you live for free and get some pocket money. In this way, you get the following benefits:

  • You do not have to pay for board and lodging at the school
  • You get to train your language skills for free while you live with the family

And as Hans Christian Andersen said: To travel is to live, so a stay abroad can both give you unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to reflect on what you need to go for in your future life.

If you are still in doubt, look here:

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