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State educational grant in Denmark - how to apply for SU

How to apply for SU in Denmark (State educational grant)

Upon moving to Denmark for your studies, whether it being your undergraduate or graduate degree, you could be allowed a student grant. In Denmark, this is called SU and functions as a monthly grant, or allowance specifically made for students.
On this page we have gathered the most essential information for you, so that you understand if you are eligible for SU and what to do if you are. 

What is SU? 

SU is short for “Statens Uddannelsesstøtte”, or in English the government educational support. The whole idea is to support you financially throughout your studies, this could be by paying off rent, books, etc. 

SU is a very common thing in Denmark and also throughout Scandinavia, however, it might be a very odd concept for the rest of the world. Financial pressure is a big problem when you’re studying and in many countries it's common to build up student debt. SU should allow you to go through your education debt free and without all the anxiety and worry. 

Can you get SU as a foreign student in Denmark? 

SU is of course available for all Danish citizens from the age of 18 and if you happen to be from a country within the European Union you can apply to get SU while studying in Denmark.

The total amount for SU as of 2022 is 6.397 DKK a month, this is the equivalent of approximately 860€. If you are from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway you can also be eligible for SU, as well as Switzerland.

Being a citizen of an EU country or any of the above mentioned countries, you also have eligibility to work without a work visa, in accordance with EU law. 

Guide to applying for SU in Denmark 

What do you need before applying?

When applying for SU in Denmark as a foreign student there are certain requirements that you will need to meet. Also do take into consideration that this is an application, it will be reviewed and can be turned down. You are therefore under no circumstances guaranteed SU, but by fulfilling the following requirements you should have very good odds of obtaining SU. SU is applied for on and you simply sign in with your MitID

You need to be a citizen of an EU country (or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland). 

You need to have a Danish CPR number, this is a social security number and will be on the yellow card that you are issued upon moving to Denmark. 

You will need to have MitID, this is used to log in to the application site. 

You need to have a job alongside to your studies and will on average have to work around 10-12 hours a week. This is documented either through an official work contract or through your monthly payslip. Keep in mind that your wages are tied to your CPR number and therefore the SU office has access to these documents. 

There is also a maximum amount that you can earn when working, you are not allowed to earn more than 13,876 DKK per month. This is applicable for the months where you get SU, should you put your SU on pause, or if you are in between educations (E.g. your undergraduate degree and graduate degree) you can exceed this number. 

Also it is very important to keep in mind is that when you change educations you need to re-submit a new application. 

Do keep in mind when you are set to apply for SU you will have to make two applications.
One application for SU itself, and then another application to be considered eligible for SU as a foreigner.
The process happens seamlessly through the SU application portal, but if you do not complete the applications then you won't be accepted.

state educational grant in denmark

What if I don't have a job?

Working during your studies is very common in Denmark and is encouraged. 

Companies in Denmark are very interested in acquiring student workers and this is a great way to enter the world of work. Whilst it might not be common to work during your studies in other countries, it is something that will benefit your time in Denmark greatly. 

The jobs can vary depending on your interests, as well as your ambitions. A student job can also be very beneficial when it comes to the cost of living in Denmark, as well as giving you a great social scene at work. Most student jobs are also naturally considerate of your exam periods so that you can balance your studies and work.

Get started with your student job 

Find your perfect student job here, and be one step closer to your application to SU. 

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