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What is a student job

Student jobs can mean different things.

If you are a student, you can gain study relevant work experience by being a student assistant. With a student job can you use your theoretical knowledge and put into perspective how it relates to practical work experience.

Student jobs as a student

When students apply for a job alongside their studies, the number of hours may depend on whether they are writing their thesis or not. Typically a job can average around 15 -20 hours a week.

In many cases the job will be study relevant but this isn’t always guaranteed.   For many students the job is also about supplementing the monthly SU - if you are studying in Denmark, so that there is room to purchase textbooks and enjoy student life.

Please note: SU “Statens Uddannelsesstøtte”, is the Danish equivalent of the English government's educational support. The idea being to support you financially throughout your studies, this could be used to pay rent and purchase books for example. 

The companies spend a lot of time supporting students and the salary is therefore not always high. Not all companies pay. In some industries there is a lot of competition to get a study relevant job, for example in communications.

In terms of competence, there are student jobs at many levels. With a high school education it is possible to make multiple applications, other student jobs may require that you are in the process of becoming a bachelor or taking a master's degree.

Full-time student jobs

With the progress reform, many students have become very focused in relation to completing their studies in the standard time. However, it is still possible to take a period where you as a student are looking for a full-time job.

Some companies also employ students in full-time jobs to test whether the students can handle both studying and a full-time job at the same time. Among other things it has been used in the legal profession to stress test students, so that the partners in the law firms ensure that they get robust and persistent graduates who develop into strong lawyers.

Student jobs

Many public institutions offer study relevant jobs. It can happen in departments or in institutions in general. It may be a politically motivated environment, but your political beliefs only concern you, so you can easily become a student assistant under a bourgeois led government, even if you vote red and vice versa.

There may be a work restriction in ministries. For example, 15 hours on average per week. All other things being equal, you can also expect a salary by agreement.

There you will find student jobs in a large number of industries such as Finance, IT, Sales and Communication, but also unskilled roles in the retails trade for example. 

As a student, you need to be aware of how much you must earn in addition to your full-time study if you want to receive SU.