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Job portal is your job portal if you are a student, freelancer, skilled or unskilled worker looking for jobs within any of these areas; Retail, F&B, Marketing, Administration, Customer Service, Logistic, Sales etc

For job seekers:

On this website you will find all kind of jobs.

What is a student job?

Whether you are in high school, or are pursuing a short or long term education at university, you can find your next student job here.

Therefore, you may find job postings where it requires a great deal of professionalism to be successful in the role, but also part time or full time positions that can help you afford to study. Read more about: What is a student job?

For companies:

If you would like to get in touch with the talented students either via Job postings or Employer Branding , you can read more about this on

You can also contact directly to optimise your recruitment budget and reach your target audience in the best way possible.




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Occupied positions is a job portal for job seekers including: Students, trainees, graduates and freelancers looking for job oportunities. By are we offering different services for companies looking for job seekers for: Full-time-jobs, spare-time jobs, temporary jobs, remote jobs as well as students and graduates for: Student jobs, apprenticeships, internships and graduate programmes.